Gently yet powerfully move from self-doubt, criticism, judgement and unworthiness to a place of clarity, confidence, personal power & emotional freedom so you can love all of you, without condition.

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Move beyond the events that unconsciously shaped the limiting self-beliefs, critical inner dialogue and unhelpful patterns that hold you back from living your best life and fulfilling your potential.

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Grow, heal and connect with like-minded women as you travel on your jourey to Self Love, within a safe, sacred and supportive circle. Holding space for yourself and each other, remembering how to accept, honour and love ourselves without condition.

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Friendly, supportive and empowering self development workshops, EFT Trainings and Business Growth programmes that put you back in control of you, your life and your business.

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Do not hesitate to work with Gill, she is a remarkable woman. With the support and guidance that she can provide you would be really happy with the results. My future is certainly a lot brighter from meeting and spending time with Gill. She has good tissues (!!) and the ability to really listen to me and read not just what I am saying but looking beyond that and having a natural talent to hone in on what is really going on.

Lisa, Eastbourne

I came to Gill knowing that I had a long standing residual emotional issue that needed clearing and resolving. After just one session I feel calmer, I feel a shift, I feel love where previously I felt guilt, denial, shame, loss. I now feel, hard to believe, lifted, and even blessed, on this issue. If you’re thinking about working with Gill then just go for it, even the most entrenched of negative experiences and emotions can be released and transformed into something positive! She has an amazing energy that holds, protects and guides you gently through a powerful therapy.

Fiona, Eastbourne